Farouk Al-Kasim graduated from Imperial College, London as a petroleum geologist in 1957. Until 1968, he worked with Iraq Petroleum Company in various positions within geology, petroleum engineering and management. From 1968 to 1973, he was a petroleum advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Industry in Oslo where he was instrumental in establishing the Norwegian Petroleum Administration. He was one of the founders of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate where he held the position of Director of Resource Management from 1973 until January 1991. He has served on several public committees on energy and petroleum R&D, field development and gas development strategies. His long and varied experience in technical management and petroleum administration has given him valuable understanding of the need for effective interaction among the various disciplines as well as among different entities and institutions where effective communication and role appreciation are key factors. From 1991 onwards, Mr. Al-Kasim has been president of his own consultancy company PETROTEAM, working with a number of developing countries to help them improve their governance of the petroleum sector as well as to ensure lasting benefits to their citizens. In 2012, his Royal Majesty the King of Norway conferred the Order of Knighthood upon Farouk Al-Kasim for his efforts in the Norwegian oil sector.