Current Minister of State for Administrative Reforms, H.E.Dr Inaya Ezzeddine is the founder and director of Medical Analysis and Pathology (M.A.P.) laboratory in Beirut.

She holds a BS in Biology and a MD from the American University in Beirut.

She participated in many workshops on laboratory Accreditation, Return on Investment, Quality Audit, Quality Improvement Tools, Management of Quality Documents, Risk Assessment and Risk Management as well as workshops on biosafety and biosecurity in Lebanon and abroad.

She is a member of multiple professional Organization:
• Lebanese Order of physicians
• Lebanese Society of Surgical Pathology
• Lebanese Society laboratory Medicine
• Lebanese Syndicate of Clinical Laboratories
• Lebanese Health Management Association
• International Academy of pathology- Arab Division (IAP- Arab Division)
• American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC)
• American Society of Cytology
• Early childhood intervention Lebanon (ECIL), Board Member