Paul Schapper is an international specialist in public e-procurement, procurement systems and practice. He is currently a consultant to the World Bank.
His career in procurement of more than 25 years has included Supply Commissioner, Chief Executive Officer for the Department of Contract and Management Services, Director-General for the Department of Industry and Technology, CEO for the Office of Public Sector Management, and Professorial Fellow for Governance in Western Australia.

Dr Schapper has developed strategic e-procurement frameworks or engaged in e-procurement capacity development, e-procurement legislation reform and procurement practice for more than 40 countries.
He has been a peer reviewer for the World Bank and was a founding member on the editorial board of the Journal of Digital Evidence.

He holds a PhD in Economics and Management, Bachelor of Economics (School of Economics and Commerce); Bachelor of Science School of Physics.
Dr Schapper has also lectured in Management at the Australian National Government Executive Development Programme and at the International Development Law Institute (Rome)