Raji Maasri is a senior environmental expert and general manager of MORES s.a.r.l. Maasri has completed his graduate studies in science and business with an MBA (USA); MSc (UK), and BSc (AUB, Lebanon). He specializes in waste management, planning and facility design (including limiting land filling to less than 10%), in industrial environmental management, strategic planning, disaster risk reduction, institutional development and capacity building. Maasri worked for 7 years in the USA as an environmental consultant mainly in reagrds to groundwater and soil rehabilitation. Thereafter, he managed the reclamation of the Normandy area in down-town Beirut, including the reclamation of a waste dump in land fit for high end real estate. Maasri founded MORES in 2001 and partnered with international institutions and companies. He is a senior consultant to the World Bank, EU, UN, Swiss, Italian and US funded projects.