What We Do

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We Develop Capabilities of Civil Servants

The Institute offers a wide range of capacity development services, while staying attentive to the real needs of beneficiaries. Civil servants from the Ministry of Finance, Public Administrations and Institutions, Municipalities, Parliament, Court of Audit, Enforcement Agencies, and many others, are provided with the opportunities to reinforce their skills and develop their knowledge. Programs cover a wide range of topics, from public financial management to customs to economic and financial education, to leadership and management, to information technology as well as languages:

  • Specialized programs for the Ministry of Finance include preparatory programs for entry and promotion exams, induction training, specialized job related trainings etc.
  • Continuous training programs in various fields with the aim of achieving sustainable capability development;
  • Implementation of complementary funded projects;
  • Specialized regional programs in public financial management addressed to senior and mid level civil servants in the MENA region
  • Technical cooperation and expertise advice to Arab Ministries of Finance;
  • Study tours to visit specific practices
  • Regional conferences and forums;
  • On-demand training programs.

Instill a Culture of Continuous Learning

Foster Cooperation

Through cooperation and networking, the Institute tries to level the playing field by bridging national and regional capacity development gaps. It also understands the importance of sharing experiences, knowledge and expertise and information between various stakeholders, and strives to continuously do so.

To facilitate regional cooperation the Institute hosts the secretariat of the GIFT-MENA network since 2006.

Keeping up with customs related developments and harmonization of practices, the Institute has also hosts the regional training center for the World Customs Organization.

Sustain Partnerships

Local, Arab, Regional, European, and International partnerships are the driving force behind the Institute. They create dynamism and a rich platform for bilateral and multilateral cooperation, exchange and learning. Sustaining current partnerships and creating new ones is always on our agenda.

Access to Information

Information is key. Whether minor individual decisions related to taxes, or crucial for better policy decisions, having access to the right piece of information is the key to development and sustainability.

The Institute, through its various resources, publication tools, or its specialized resource center, tries its best to facilitate access of information, and continuous to disseminates and documents, mainly in Arabic.

Leaders of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

The Institute supports leaders of today by developing their technical skills, and by keeping them up to date with the latest managerial, leadership and communication practices.

A financially Literate Young Generation
Fostering a culture of leadership at a much earlier stage – Youth. Specialized programs are designed to cultivate, well-round, educate and well-inform young generations to shape them into better leaders:
  • Orientation programs to the Ministry of Finance
  • Economic and financial literacy initiatives
  • Internship programs
  • Job fairs
  • Library of Finance
  • Wide range of resources and publications

State-of-the-Art Facilities

More than 1,000m² of Learning Space in Beirut
  • 5 training rooms equipped with modern facilities and internet access;
  • A conference hall of 50 seats equipped with a translation booth;
  • 3 computer training labs;
  • 3 conference rooms;
  • 5 multi-purpose training rooms;
  • A conference hall of 140 seats;
  • An auditorium of 420 seats;
  • The Library of Finance: a specialized documentation center of 400 square meters equipped with research facilities and internet access;
  • A reception area, as well as modern and welcoming offices.

4 off-campus training sites:
  • Chtoura c/o Customs Administration facilities
  • Tripoli c/o Customs Administration facilities
  • Saida c/o South-Lebanon Tax Office
  • Airport c/o CERSA

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