The Legacy of Basil Fuleihan

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Basil Fuleihan (1963 – 2005) served as Minister of Economy and Trade from the year 2000 till 2003.  He endeavored to modernize many commercial and economic laws and regulations in the fields of consumer protection, regulation of market competition and e-commerce Intellectual Property Rights. He is considered as the chief architect of the Paris II conference organized under the patronage of former French President Jacques Chirac, in Paris, in October 2002. He also negotiated and helped catalyzing the ratification of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Lebanon.
He was elected as Member of Parliament in 2000 and appointed Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on National Economy, Trade, Industry and Planning in 2003.
From 1993 to 1999, Basil Fuleihan served as an Economic Advisor to the Minister of Finance and Project Director of the IBRD/ UNDP Revenue Enhancement and Fiscal Management project at the Ministry of Finance. Under the guidance of Minister Fuad Siniora, he contributed to the reform and modernization efforts and played a key role in restructuring the Treasury, Customs, as well as Cadastre and Land registry Directorates. He also helped Minister Siniora realize his vision to create a knowledge hub at the Ministry: the Institute of Finance and its documentation center.

Fuleihan represented the Ministry of Finance throughout the negotiations conducted with international credit rating agencies and multilateral and financial institutions. He also participated in the negotiations of taxation and investments agreements.

"You have freedom, you have knowledge, you have tolerance, and you have a choice. Use them to make the world a better place"

"The true wealth of Lebanon resides in its human energy, because Lebanon is distinguished by its knowledge, its dynamism, its openness, and its spirit of initiative".

Basil Fuleihan tragically passed away on the 18th of April 2005, succumbing to the terrible burns caused by the explosion that lead to the death of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri on the 14th of February 2005.

Basil Fuleihan was a source of hope and inspiration for his generation and a role model for future young leadership in Lebanon.

In honor of his life and many achievements, the Ministry of Finance dedicated the Institute to his memory.
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"للبنانيون على اختلافهم هم طاقة كبيرة وقوية وميزتهم الأهم في تنوعهم"
باسل فليحان