Request for proposals - Study of the economic and environmental impacts of the Korea GPP policy

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UN Environment is seeking technical expertise for a study on the “Environmental and Economic impacts of the Republic of Korea Green Public Procurement policy” (referred herein as “the Korea GPP Study”).

UN Environment is looking for a suitably qualified and experienced individual or not for profit organization to provide technical support to the development of the study. 
Please find further details in the Request for proposals document. 

The deadline to participate is 25 May c.o.b.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Farid Yaker, Programme Officer, UN Environment on:

 Here are some clarifications to the applicants:


  • There are no specific requirements for length and format. 
  • The applicant cannot be a for profit entity. Only not for profit organizations or individual consultants qualify as contractors.
  • The questionnaire only serves to collect information on the Korea GPP policy and impact measurement methodology. Information on other countries approaches is provided by UN Environment.
  • The questionnaire can also serve to assess the rationale behind the evolution of Korean public procurement towards sustainability (section 2 of the report).