In the framework of the Ministry of Finance efforts to modernizing public procurement, the OECD-EU Joint Initiative, SIGMA, assisted the Ministry’s Expert Task Force with policy and legal advice, sharing good examples and experience of the EU member states on selected topics and good practices from the EU neighboring countries.

Four technical assistance missions took place at the Institute in Beirut, from March till June 2019. SIGMA experts were mobilized to support the modification of the legal framework on public procurement to enhance efficiency and transparency and to align with key EU and international principles, standards and good practices.

In this context, a workshop on Exchanging Experiences in Public Procurement, took place on March 4th, to raise awareness of the importance of a properly operating public procurement system, clarify concepts and profit from other countries experiences in order to define the appropriate reform steps for Lebanon.

Meetings with national stakeholders concerned with public procurement reform were also held to share views and discuss challenges and future actions.