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Public procurement is one of the main cross-sectoral reforms that the Government of Lebanon committed to at the “Conférence économique pour le développement, par les réformes et avec les entreprises” (CEDRE) held in Paris in April 2018 and in successive governments’ declarations since 2019 in order to improve fiscal governance and the quality of public services, encourage investment inflows, and strengthen accountability and transparency. It was reiterated in the IMF’s Staff-Level Agreement with the Lebanese Authorities (April 2022).

The reform process, launched in 2019 and coordinated by the Institute upon mandate by HE the Minister of Finance, has led to the first comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of the public procurement system; MAPS report was officially published in March 2022, and to the enactment of the first modern and unified Public Procurement Law no. 244/2021.

The Institute of Finance is mandated by HE the Minister of Finance to continue coordination of efforts at the national level and with the international community to enable proper implementation of the public procurement law.

To prepare for a sound entry force of the new Law, a public procurement reform strategy was developed, with the technical support of the Global Procurement Partnership-Multi-Donor Trust Fund, and in consultation of various stakeholders groups on the occasion of meetings and workshops held in 2021-22.

The strategy has set four objectives to guide and advance procurement reform in Lebanon:
1- Bring the regulatory and policy framework in line with good international practices:
2- Create an institutional framework for successful procurement management and build corresponding capacity
3- Economy and efficiency in procurement operations and practices
4- Promote accountability, integrity and transparency in public procurement

It comprises an action plan for 2022-24 detailing the set of actions, priorities and responsibilities for the short and medium terms.

The strategy was officially launched on January 20, 2022, under the auspices and in the presence of the President of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Finance, and with +100 decision makers, senior public officials, and representatives of the international community, business associations and civil society.

It was approved by the Inter-ministerial committee on public procurement reform on April 12, 2022, and by the Council of Ministers through Decision no.66 on May 20, 2022.

The new Public Procurement Law 244/2021 entered into force on July 29th along with the creation of the Public Procurement Authority, Do not hesitate and visit its website: