Chadi Abdallah is a geologist and an associate researcher at the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research and the Remote Sensing Center.
He is a member of the Disaster Risk Management Unit of the Presidency of Councils.
He has fourteen years of teaching experience in Hydrology, geology GIS and Remote Sensing.
Chadi Abdallah is the Chair of the Arab Science and Technology Advisory Group for disaster risk reduction, the Editorial Manager of the Lebanese Science Journal and Adjunct Researcher at AUB and the University of Missouri Columbia-USA.

Abdallah authored and co-authored over 80 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals, and conference proceedings.
Member of several national and international associations.

He holds a PhD in GIS and RS of natural resources from Paris VI University-France, a Postdoctorate in Radar Interferometry from the University of Missouri-USA, and a Professor Degree from the Lebanese University.