Eric LE BORGNE is a Lead Economist at the World Bank working in the Middle East and North Africa region. Prior to this position, Dr. Le Borgne worked with the International Monetary Fund on a diverse range of countries. His last IMF assignment was as a Senior Desk Economist for the United States.  Dr. Le Borgne's expertise lies in macroeconomic policy.  He has worked extensively on public finance issues in oil producing countries, notably Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon and Timor Leste. His recent research and policy publications have centered on oil wealth management, sovereign wealth funds, fiscal risk, central bank independence, decentralization, tax amnesties, tax policy reforms and long-term unemployment.  Dr. Le Borgne was also a faculty member within the Economics Department at the University of Warwick in England and a Visiting Scholar at the CREST-INSEE in Paris.  He holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Warwick.