In 2016, our efforts were crowned with success as we developed new services in the field of technical support and coaching. We also endeavored to develop a digital strategy of communication and benefitted of the new possibilities that technology offers in the field of information dissemination.
Several research notes along with a new guide addressed to the SME’s were published within the framework of our financial and fiscal awareness raising series. We have also targeted the Lebanese youth by developing the interactive knowledge tools, as for our cooperation and networking initiatives, we have adopted a series of future orientations paving the way for the establishment of sustainable partnerships based of the production of knowledge, the exchange of information and experience sharing.
We have also pursued our institutional development, redefined the strategic objectives of the different departments and elaborated a series of indicators enabling us to pursue our work while assessing it on a periodical basis.
For more information, you can download the full report of 2016.

Annual Report
December 2016