This roundtable on “Enhancing competition and participation of SMEs in Public Procurement”, jointly organized by the Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan and Westminster Foundation for Democracy, was the second of 6 sessions organized until December 2021 to raise awareness of private sector and civil society on the new Public Procurement Law 244/2021 and prepare the ground for effective implementation, participation and monitoring of the new procurement law, highlighting its various features, principles and governance mechanisms.

This session aimed at shedding lights on the importance of public procurement as leverage for economic growth and for SMEs participation and the challenges currently facing SMEs to enter the procurement market, and at exposing the new law as policy instrument to foster fair competition and innovation.

Hanane Saab, CEO of Pharmamed shared her experience as entrepreneur with public procurement in Lebanon, shedding lights on practical challenges faced to participating to public bids and lessons learnt, as well as strategies and recommendations to overcome the barriers to entry to this market.

Nadim Daher, managing partner of the audit & consulting firm Daher & Partners highlighted the positioning of RDCL as key stakeholder regarding the law, and share the crucial role of a modern legal framework of public procurement to observe good governance and restore investors’ trust.

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