Following the kick-off of MAPS II implementation by the National Focal Point in June 2019, with the support of the World Bank and the AFD, the national steering committee, composed of 18 representatives from 15 government entities, held five consecutive working meetings in July and August 2019.
The meetings aimed at having a better understanding of MAPS assessment criteria, qualitative and quantitative requirements, and their role in facilitating the access to information within their administrations. The meetings were an occasion to launch a pre-assessment exercise where committee members identified respectively legal and regulatory reference documents, as well as data sources to support the assessment exercise.
This step will be followed by meetings and workshops with a larger group of national stakeholders from the public sector, private sector and civil society in Lebanon to conduct the assessment and valid its preliminary results.
The MAPS report and recommendations are expected to be issued by end of 2019, following which consultations sessions would be held with concerned stakeholders to ensure appropriate buy-in and engagement in the procurement modernization process.