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At risk’: Public procurement reform still faces obstacles, new report says

Richard SALAME- Lebanon’s 2021 public procurement law, described by advocates inside and outside the government as the only major crisis-era reform on track to be enforced, is “at risk” of being “interrupted or,at worst, reversed” the law’s designated coordinator, said in a progress report over the weekend.Public procurement is the state’s process for buying goods and services—such as bridges and waste removal—and accounts for roughly 20 percent of central government spending.Given evidence that state contracts are overcharged and underdelivered by politically-connected firms,systemic reform has long been a priority among good governance advocates.The report was released by the Institut des Finances (IOF),a public sector autonomous capacity-building unit at the Ministry of Finance that has worked on the procurement issue for several years, on behalf of the committee charged with following up on the 2021 law.
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