The Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan and UNICEF have partnered to support greater transparency, accountability and effectiveness in national budget processes and to raise awareness and support advocacy towards more inclusive budgets.
Their collaboration seeks to help streamline procedures and practices across government and to overcome constraints related to budget transparency.
It includes the design of budget literacy initiatives that provide meaningful information in easy-to-understand formats to empower citizens and enhance their participation and input in the budgetary process.
Improving citizen’s engagement requires working on both ends: Citizens and the State.

Therefore, their joint project is expected to:

(1) Drive institutional behaviour changes through the provision of learning tools and training opportunities to national and subnational government officials in budget planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting as well as to other stakeholders involved in the budget process;
(2) Improve public access to fiscal and budget information and data;
(3) Empower citizens to engage on informed grounds with their governments on budgetary decisions and become stakeholders in policy discussions and
(4) Increase budgetary openness, participation and accountability.

This partnership has allowed us to develop the Citizen Budget 2020 pamphlet and booklet and the Lebanon Citizen Budget Data Dashboard.