Do you want to know more about how the state prepares its budget?
From where does it collect revenue and on what does it spend?
What is public debt?
What role can municipalities play?

This and a lot more is there for you to discover through our micro-learning on Public Financial Management from A to Z.

You don’t have to be a professional! Our bite-sized learning modules are here to provide you with all what you need to know on how public resources are raised and spent.

Create your profile on tabshoura learning platform Tabshoura Plus or Unicef Learning Passport and search for the course: المالية العامة: من ألفها إلى الياء
By the end of this self-paced microlearning, you would be able to:
• Better understand the basics of how the government manages public resources, including what type of taxes do you pay, how is public spending distributed, why do government go into debt and the overall budget cycle.
• Better understand the role of municipalities in managing local finances and collecting public money.
• Make more informed decisions when holding the government accountable.

This micro-learning was developed in collaboration with the Lebanese Alternative Learning and Financially-Wise, with the support of UNICEF, and in the context of the project “Enhancing Budget Transparency, Accountability and Inclusiveness in Lebanon”.